Trio Sclavis Pifarély Courtois

17309979_10155124862091182_2031631568655983850_oLe 25 Février prochain, le trio Sclavis Pifarely Courtois, se produira au Jazz-club Domicil de Dortmund, avant d’entamer en Mars la « régional tour » de l’Europa Jazz Festival du Mans.
14344903_10209185374564220_4482756958181900616_n17 Mars Bresse sur Braye, 22 Mars la Ferté Bernard, 28 Mars La flèche, 29 Mars St Saturnin, 30 Mars La Roche sur Yon, 31 Mars Trelazé, 1er Avril Flers, 4 Avril Parigne, 5 Avril Le Mans, 6 Avril St Berthevin, 9 Avril St Florent. Le 7 Avril , le trio se produira à Pôle Sud (Strasbourg) 
Asian Fields Variation marks the first time that clarinettist Louis Sclavis, violinist Dominique Pifarély and cellist Vincent Courtois have recorded as a trio.  Sclavis summoned the project into existence, but this is a democratic group of creative equals:  “I proposed that we make a real collective, and each of us composes for the programme.”  For a ‘new’ group, it has a lot of pre-history: Sclavis and Pifarély have played together in diverse contexts for 35 years, Sclavis and Courtois for 20 years, but they retain the capacity to surprise each other as improvisers. “We’re drawing also on a lot of different playing experiences, and we’re continually bringing new things to the project. We keep going deeper.” The album was recorded at Studios La Buissonne in Pernes-les-Fontaines  last September, with Manfred Eicher as producer, and it is issued on the eve of a major French tour.  International  festival dates follow in summer 2017.
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